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**Privacy Policy of Angelica Co., Ltd.**

Angelica Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is committed to ensuring the secure use of the website "ALLIVE" (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") by implementing the following measures regarding the handling of personal information.

1. **Basic Policy**
   The Company considers the protection of personal information and the implementation of security measures as fundamental to its business activities and a social responsibility. Therefore, when handling personal information provided during the use of the Site, the Company promises to handle it with utmost care in accordance with relevant laws, internal regulations, and, at the same time, declares the following Personal Information Protection Policy as a Privacy Policy.

2. **Definition of Personal Information and Personal Data**
   - Personal information refers to information as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Law.
   - Personal data refers to information constituting a personal information database, etc. (Article 16, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Law).


3. **Items of Personal Information to be Collected**
   The Company, in accordance with the law, will collect the following personal information:
   1) Information related to transactions on the Site and other transaction procedures with the Company:
      - a) Name, Furigana
      - b) Address
      - c) Phone number
      - d) Email address
      - e) Delivery information
      - f) Transaction history and details with the Site
      - g) Information that can identify a specific individual when combined with the above
   2) Information related to logging in and using the services:
      - a) Account ID for service login
      - b) Name, address, phone number, email address, and date of birth provided by customers as account registration information
      - c) Information related to transactions conducted by customers through the service and details of such transactions
      - d) Information related to inquiries and communications from customers to the Company
      - e) Other information entered by customers into the service
   3) Information about the device used by customers and information obtained using cookies and similar technologies:
      - a) Information related to the device's identification for communication
      - b) OS information of the communication device
      - c) Information related to internet connection
      - d) Location information
      - e) Referrer information
      - f) IP address information
      - g) Timestamp information related to URLs visited and the date and time of visit
      - h) Information related to the use of the service
      - i) Advertising identifier information assigned to each customer's device
      - j) Server log information
   4) Information about employees or those corresponding to business partners of the Company:
      - a) Information about employees (including part-time employees) such as name, address, and history
      - b) Information about applicants in the recruitment process, such as name, address, and history
      - c) Information about individuals related to the Company's business partners
   5) Information obtained from third parties:
      - a) Information obtained from third parties with the customer's consent
      - b) Information obtained in accordance with the law
      - c) Information obtained through public disclosure

4. **Purpose of Use of Personal Information**
   The Company will use the personal information obtained from customers for the following purposes (hereinafter referred to as "Purpose of Use"):

   1) **For Customers:**
      - a) For customer identity verification and personal authentication
      - b) To provide real estate brokerage services, including buying, selling, leasing, and managing real estate, to third parties such as real estate agents, as necessary to achieve these purposes
      - c) To issue estimates, send our products/samples, conduct payment settlements, and communicate regarding product transactions
      - d) To provide post-purchase services and maintenance for products purchased from us
      - e) To propose plans regarding our products and services to customers
      - f) To introduce customers to our business partners with the customer's consent
      - g) For new product development and consideration of new services
      - h) To analyze marketing based on the purchase and usage history of our products and services, using the information for the development and advertising of new products and services tailored to customer preferences
      - i) To inform customers about our products or services through the sending of emails, direct mail, catalogs, etc.
      - j) To conduct surveys on customer usage and satisfaction regarding our products or services through the sending of questionnaires, etc.
      - k) To request interviews for collecting construction case studies and customer feedback
      - l) To respond to various inquiries, consultations, applications, etc., from customers, and for confirmation and record-keeping purposes
      - m) For the exercise of rights based on contracts, laws, etc., and the fulfillment of obligations towards customers
      - n) For the management of customer information and the proper and smooth fulfillment of transactions and contracts with customers

   2) **For Analysis of Website Browsing History, Purchase History, and Customer Attributes:**
      - a) To inform customers about our products or services through the sending of emails, direct mail, catalogs, etc.
      - b) To guide customers about our products or services through displays on the website
      - c) For marketing data analysis necessary for the improvement of our products and services

   3) **For Employees:**
      - a) For business operations related to recruitment, personnel, and labor management
      - b) For business communication and facility management
      - c) For business operations related to payment of wages, bonuses, and other allowances
      - d) For providing welfare benefits
      - e) For occupational safety, health management, etc.
      - f) For business operations related to employment insurance and social insurance

   4) **In Cases Falling Under the Following:**
      - a) When there is consent from the individual
      - b) When required by law
      - c) When necessary for the protection of human life, body, or property, and obtaining consent is difficult
      - d) When particularly necessary for the promotion of public health or the sound development of children, and obtaining consent is difficult
      - e) When cooperation is necessary for a government agency, local public body, or a person entrusted with performing statutory duties, and obtaining consent may hinder the performance of such duties
      - f) When providing personal data to institutions or individuals belonging to or associated with academic research institutions for the purpose of academic research, and the handling of personal data by such institutions is necessary for academic research purposes (excluding cases where part of the purpose of handling such personal data is for academic research purposes and there is a risk of unfairly infringing on the rights and interests of individuals)


5. **Provision of Personal Information**

   1) **Individual Responsible for Personal Information Management, Address, and Representative's Name:**
      - Company Name: Angelica Co., Ltd.
      - Representative Director: Takashi Yoshiya
      - Address: 2-19-4 Minojima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0017, Japan
      - (For details, please refer to the "Company Information" section.)

   2) **Business Outsourcing:**
      - For the achievement of the purposes stated in Section 4 "Purpose of Use," the Company may outsource some of its operations and provide personal information to outsourcing partners as necessary. In such cases, the Company will establish contracts regarding the handling of information and ensure appropriate supervision.

   3) **Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties:**
      - For the buying, selling, leasing, management, and other related operations of real estate (including trust beneficiary rights related to real estate trusts), the Company may provide customer's personal information to the following third parties:
         a) Parties entering into contracts and prospective parties
         b) Real estate agents and other real estate transaction agents
         c) Internet advertising placement operators
         d) Specified distribution organizations (conducting business such as property registration, transaction notifications, and operations utilizing the organization's data)
         e) Judicial scriveners, land and building surveyors, financial institutions, and real estate management companies related to transactions
         f) Real estate survey organizations, etc.

   4) **Disclosure or Provision to Other Third Parties:**
      - Except as stated in the preceding three sections and in the following cases, the provided personal information will not be disclosed to third parties:
         a) When the individual has given prior consent
         b) When providing personal data to third parties based on laws other than the Personal Information Protection Law
         c) When it is necessary to provide personal information to third parties for the protection of human life, body, or property, and obtaining consent is difficult
         d) When it is particularly necessary for the promotion of public health or the sound development of children, and obtaining consent is difficult
         e) When cooperation is necessary for a government agency, local public body, or a person entrusted with performing statutory duties, and obtaining consent may hinder the performance of such duties
         f) In the case of mergers, company splits, business transfers, or other reasons for business succession

   6. **Correction, Deletion, etc., of Personal Information:**
      - If you wish to disclose, notify the purpose of use, correct, add, delete, stop or erase usage, or stop providing to third parties regarding the personal data held by us, please contact us through the "ALLIVE" comprehensive inquiry form. The company may request the submission of documents such as a copy of identification to confirm the identity of the requester to the extent necessary.

   7. **Security Measures:**
      - The Company has established basic policies for compliance with relevant laws and guidelines, set up procedures for each stage of handling personal data (acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion/disposal, etc.), and implements organizational security measures, human security measures, physical security measures, and technical security measures appropriately.

      1) **Organizational Security Measures:**
         - The Company builds and maintains a management structure with responsible personnel for each organization, clarifies the roles of employees handling personal data, and establishes reporting and communication systems to management in the event of a violation of the Personal Information Protection Law or the Company's regulations.

      2) **Human Security Measures:**
         - The Company conducts training for employees on matters related to the handling of personal data. Confidentiality obligations regarding personal data are included in contracts and recorded in employment rules.

      3) **Physical Security Measures:**
         - In areas where personal data is handled, the Company monitors the entry and exit status of employees and controls the bringing of devices. Password protection is implemented on devices handling personal data.

      4) **Technical Security Measures:**
         - Access control is implemented, limiting the scope of responsible individuals and personal information databases. Mechanisms are introduced to protect information systems handling personal data from unauthorized access and malicious software.

   8. **About Cookies:**
    1) **Definition of Cookies:**
         - Cookies are small text files sent to a user's device for the purpose of recording information from a website. Cookies identify the user's device, usually a web browser, but do not identify personal information.

      2) **Purpose of Cookies:**
         - Cookies are necessary for users to comfortably use a website and record preferences (such as language used) and website behavior (login status, items added to the cart, etc.). They also enable the collection of analysis data to improve functionality, enhance performance, deliver personalized advertising from the website or ad tech partners, and allow sharing on social media.

      3) **User Control of Cookies:**
         - Users can choose to allow or refuse non-essential cookies strictly required for website functionality through the settings of their individual web browsers within the legally required scope.

      4) **Cookies Used on the Website:**
         - The Company uses third-party services to collect and analyze access routes and behavior information of users on its website and apps to improve them. The Company sends personal data to the following third parties through these services:
            - Service Name(1): Google Analytics
            - Provider: Google LLC
            - [Privacy Policy](
            - [Opt-out](
            - Data collected: Device identifier, browser identifier, IP address, browser/device type and version, browsing date and time, URL of the visited website, and click or tap operations and behavioral history.

   9. **Security:**
      - The website adopts security features (SSL/TLS) that automatically encrypt information sent over the Internet through form submissions. Please use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, as security features may not operate correctly if a browser that supports TLS v1.2 or later is not used.

   10. **Changes to Privacy Policy:**
      - In the event of changes to the collected personal information, the purposes of use, or other changes to this privacy policy, such changes will be announced by updating this page. The revised privacy policy will be effective from the time it is displayed on this page. In cases where changes require the consent of the user under the Personal Information Protection Law, the Company will follow the necessary procedures in accordance with the law.

   11. **Contact:**
      - For questions, complaints, or other inquiries regarding the above, please contact us through the [ALLIVE comprehensive inquiry form](

   12. **Personal Information Handling Business Operator:**
      - Angelica Co., Ltd.
      - Address: 2-19-4 Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0017, Japan
      - Representative Director: Takashi Yoshiya
      - Revised in December 2023

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