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Future Prospects - Real estate and Japan's diverse charms spread through blogs.

Hello everyone. It's "ALLIVE". This time, we would like to inform you about the content that will be delivered on our blog in the future. While introducing real estate properties mainly in the Kanto and Fukuoka areas, we place importance on not only the properties but also the diverse charms of Japan that spread around them.

1. Introduction of real estate properties

This blog will continue to introduce the latest and attractive real estate properties in Kanto and Fukuoka. We provide a variety of property information to help you make the best choice for those looking for a new home or for those considering investment.

2. Attractive spots around the property

We will introduce you to various genres of Japan's wonderful culture and sightseeing spots surrounding the property. You may be able to experience and discover things like never before. Share not only your favorite home, but also the joy of life that surrounds it.

2.1. Gourmet and food culture

We introduce restaurants and izakayas where you can enjoy delicious local food, as well as events where you can experience a new food culture. Please enjoy not only real estate but also delicious encounters in new cities.

2.2. History and culture

Learning about the history and traditional culture of the surrounding area will further expand the appeal of the area. We will guide you to must-see spots such as local events, historical sites, and cultural assets.

2.3. Nature and activities

We also introduce places where you can enjoy beautiful natural environments and activities. We'll also feature spots where you can refresh in your daily life and areas perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Interaction with everyone

We value not only information about real estate, but also interaction with everyone. We will strive to provide better information through comments and feedback. We hope to discover and share the charms of the region together.

We appreciate your continued patronage of the "ALLIVE" blog. Please look forward to it!

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