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Rokkodai Sun Heights Building B

Lucrative Investment Opportunity in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture


Price: ¥5,900,000-

Area: 61.82㎡(Exclusive area)

                   49.02㎡(Roof balcony)

Hello investors and real estate enthusiasts! We are thrilled to present an exciting investment opportunity in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.

Property Overview:

  • Location: Rokkoudai, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture

  • Access: Approximately 23 minutes on foot from Tobu Noda Line "Rokucho Station" or about 24 minutes on foot from Shin-Keisei Line "Motoyama Station."

Property Details:

  • Building Type: SRC Construction, 8 floors

  • Layout: 3DK (3 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen)

  • Rental Fee: ¥75,000 per month

  • Surface Yield: 15.25%

  • Actual Yield: 10.05% (*Yield is calculated by dividing the annual rental income by the purchase price.)

Additional Features:

  • Parking space, bicycle parking, and an elevator are available.

  • The breakdown of the management fee and repair reserve fund, totaling ¥25,580, is currently under confirmation.

Legal Information:

  • Legal representation by a designated judicial scrivener chosen by the seller.

  • Please note that the current rental income does not guarantee future returns.

Important Notes:

  • The yield is calculated based on the income before deducting public utility charges and other expenses.

  • As of now, the property ensures a surface yield of 15.25% and an actual yield of 10.05%, making it a potentially lucrative investment.

Property inquiries

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